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Lewis and Clark Kansas City

About the Southern Region

The region was created in late 2021 when the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation reorganized its structure into regions. The Southern Prairie Region covers six states: Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and southwestern Illinois.

At the time of restructuring, some smaller chapters decided to dissolve while other chapters remained in existence within their region and sometimes hold events primarily for members in their chapter areas.

The new Southern Prairie Region includes two already existing chapters: the Greater St. Louis Chapter and the Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter in northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas.

The Trail Heritage Foundation’s membership structure was revised, too. Now, every paid member is automatically a member of the national organization and chooses which home region she or he wants to be assigned to. For a small extra fee, a member can become assigned to other regions in addition to the person’s home region. Click here to learn about membership.


With the Southern Prairie Region as the region of your choice, you will receive quarterly newsletters about activities in the region, as well as invitations to in-person events and Zoom talks, and other information specific to the region as well as the entire Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage organization. You will learn about the most important expedition in our nation’s history and the many educational and tourist opportunities along the 4,900-mile Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. 


Most importantly, you will meet great people whose dedication and commitments to telling the story of the 1803-06 expedition are boundless!


Enjoy learning about Lewis and Clark and experiencing the trail. For more information or to offer suggestions, please send an email to


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June 26 2011 Chapter Meeting

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter

208 N.W. 44th Street
Kansas City, MO  64116

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